The state Incubator is in right now is the result of collaboration between people that share our same vision, really need course/CAS points, or are just plain nice. Besides our team members (volunteers) that play a specified role in the development of Incubator, and our partners, the following are volunteers who helped us get where we are today.


Thanks to

Paolo Borella - Start-up Coach

----- Setting up our network, giving advice, encouragement.

Marjut Sadeharju - ETIS Teacher

----- Supporter from the beginning, a voice

Juha Kivioja - ETIS Vice Principal

----- He is "The Man" we go to when we're in trouble

Matti Rajamäki - ex-ETIS Principal

----- Granting Permissions, Green-lighting

Helmi Korhonen - ETIS Student

----- Photography

Nella Leppä - ETIS Student

----- Photography


----- Financial support (networking)

David Allen - ETIS Teacher

----- Assessment Criteria, planning

Mikko Puustinen - ETIS Teacher

----- Integration with existing courses

Katri Råglund - ETIS Teacher

----- Integration with existing courses

ETIS Board

----- The good guys, Green-lighting

Harri Rinta-aho - ETIS principal

----- advice, contacts, amazing supportive attitude

Kara Liblick - ETIS Student

----- Early team member and development

Rasmus Siljander - ETIS Student

----- Consulting

Katri Keltikangas - Mattlidens (stray) Student

----- Translating, alot...

Joonas Kartau - Mattlidens (stray cat) Student

----- Marketing Feedback and Improvement