Hautomo operates as a course/club in the following High Schools




Great projects stand on the shoulders of giants.

At Hautomo, each project is custom fitted with a mentor. Here are some ways our mentors help you and your creativity:

- Practicing lateral thinking/Brainstorming -

- Preparing to fail -

- Project execution -

- Giving you space when needed -



Great projects are never achieved alone. 

Hautomo brings passionate students, companies, and other professionals together to help you make your project a reality. Hautomo is all about creating teams that work together to make their dreams come true through projects and create a generation of educated and "life-rich" people.



Great projects can take great wallets.

At Hautomo, we believe every project is worth creating. Whether they will carry through or not. That is why we have a a wide variety of projects from design through high tech all the way movies and media. 


Other perks

Great Projects have fun

Here are some perks that our students have enjoyed from pursuing their projects

- Attending SLUSH -

- Speaking at UNLEASH -

- Speaking on a TEDx event -

- Field trips -