Jazz Hands

Jazz Hands


Wearable MIDI keyboard glove. The days of pianists not being able to carry their instruments around are over! (Well kind of...)

by, Leo Lahti, Felix Bade, Ada Ala-härkönen, Charlie Wan, Stephanie Valenzola, and more

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More Contributors: Eemeli Saarinen, Hans Culton, Henry Mäkinen, David Fornue

Special Thanks to: Tapiola Library for supplying the lilypads, and letting us be a little noisy at their place

Code for the lilypads can be found here: https://github.com/EtisIncubator/JazzHands


What can we do make given an arduino lilypad and a wearable electronics starter kit in 6 hours?

That was the challenge posed as a question to a group of students from Etelä-Tapiola High School one day. This was then then taken up as a Hautomo project and after an hour of brainstorming ideas a pair of MIDI piano keyboard gloves became the chosen idea. Other ideas included but weren't limited to:

- a hoodie that beeps louder the closer someone is to you (physically, this would be a passive way to fend off friendly people),

- a hoodie that allows someone to play the piano on your back, as the keys would be sewn onto it as conductive fabric switches (in contrast to the other idea, this would invite friendly people, or just creepy people).

Several additional hours were used to finalize the sewing and code, and the result can be seen in the video you see here.

Jazz Hands 2.0

In case this project ever sees a chance to be improved upon, here were some ideas:

- Make the left glove

- Ability to change octaves of the notes assigned to the fingers

- Play chromatic keys that may be in between the notes on a major or minor scale.

- Make the glove a MIDI input

- Make it non-ugly