The Final Act

The Final Act



by Edvin Ingman and Kalle Koivu


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From dream to a feature.

“We had always wanted to experience the process of making a movie. The possibility that emerged in our first year of high school was just too good to let go by.”
— Edvin Ingman

Hautomo made the collaboration between Canon and other schools possible in making this feature. Hautomo acted as a platform in creating the project and funded the professional premiere in a near by theater, Kino Tapiola and gave the movie a professional last touch. Movie festivals got interested and the film competed successfully in a movie contest for youth.



The movie was produced in English with created a receiver base larger than if it was in Finnish. It counts as one of the largest projects in Hautomo and involved more than 20 people in creating.



Actors Samir Homan, Paul Sainio, Eemeli Brooks, Roope Merikoski and Susan El-Gendy made the characters come to life and the producer-directors Kalle Koivu and Edvin Ingman made the story engaging like no other 17-year-old has ever done. This is a movie with something we can't miss.