A conference aimed at introducing high school students to the entrepreneurial mindset and inspiring them to begin actively building their own paths to a successful career.

The conference was on the 18th of May, 2017.

By: Max Kalhama, Elina Ståhlberg, Aamos Valjus

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people from high school's all over the Helsinki Metropolitan Area



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The Story Behind



For Max:

Tulta started as a feeling after attending Slush, that high schoolers need to be shown what they are capable of, just as Slush had shown what startup's are capable of.

For Elina:

Tulta started as a dream after attending Nordic Business Forum, that high schoolers would see the impact great leadership can have, just as Nordic Business Forum had shown me.

For Aamos:

Tulta started as hanging around after attending the first Hautomo meeting with Elina. At first this was something that may not have lead anywhere specific, but it turned out to be very eye opening experience.

In the end, this feeling, dream, and hanging around transformed into a conference for introducing high school students to the entrepreneurial mindset and inspiring them to begin actively building their own paths to a successful career. In other words,

"The point of Tulta! was to inspire high schoolers to just... do stuff" — Max

The transition from

"This would be a really cool project"


"This was a really cool project"

This idea started turning into a real project when Elina and Aamos came to a Hautomo meeting and shared their ideas with each other. Next week, Aamos told Max that Elina and Max both have a similar vision and asked if they would be interested in working on it together. Later, at a Hautomo project exhibit, they had the chance to meet with Tapio Erma (Executive Superintendent of General Upper Secondary Education of Espoo), where Tapio showed them his utmost support and encouragement for the project. This made them realize that these "big guys" are actually reachable. Max says that perhaps the moment they knew they couldn't turn back on the project was when they were able to secure the funding from Reaktor.


How did HAUTOMO help you get there?

"Hmm... well HAUTOMO did pay a generous 50 euros for the water at the event...?"

Networking: "Although getting in contact with important people such at Tapio Erma could have been done without Hautomo, meeting with him at Hautomo's project exhibit helped us get an early kick-start to our project. It was one of the aspects that gave us the confidence to move forward with our project." — Aamos

Mentors: "Mentors provided the crucial mental support and technical advisory when we needed it the most. In the beginning, their occasional check-ups with our project helped us stay on track. Later on they were there when we needed advice on managing our finance and contacting partners. During the less hopeful times of our project it was important that someone we looked up to told us that they believed in us." — Elina

Finance: "Reaktor's sponsorship of 1000€ was essentially all we needed to cover the costs of this event, but Hautomo acted as a financial safety net. Looking back, this is exactly what Sami Honkanen meant when he spoke at our event saying, "If you have backup, you can do amazing things". Hautomo's financial backup made the risk of being rejected by our sponsor feel not too big of a deal. If Hautomo wasn't here, it would have been difficult to justify doing the project against all the risks." — Max


What did you learn through doing this project?

"Don't ever send an email before letting Elina check it" — Aamos and Max
"Don't ever send an email before letting my mom check it" — Elina

The importance of marketing was something Aamos learned near the end of the project. "It was basically easier to get 7 speakers than to get 7 attendees" he says. "We were generally blinded by our own passion for the project." Although this is what made the project possible, it came with an assumption that other people would also just get how cool it was the moment they said "We have a project called Tulta".

"The most important thing I learned was to remind yourself to start from the big picture and then work your way down to the specifics. Its too easy to get stuck on small details in the beginning, such as the shade of orange of our website's heading text." — Aamos

"During our meeting with Jukka Mäkelä (Mayor of Espoo) he essentially told us that he knew the project would be successful because we were just so cute." — Max. 


How would you encourage others to do projects?

"Well, I wouldn't. I want to do all the projects myself!" — Elina

"If you are going to do it, it's going to happen" Elina says. That sure worked for her, Max, and Aamos.

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